What Visa do I need?

The Mexican immigration institution is called Instituto Nacional de Migración, website inm.gob.mx *. When entering Mexico as a tourist, you get automatically a tourist visa which is valid for half a year *.  When entering the country you will need ti fill a FMM form with your travel entry information as well as an address where you can be contacted.  The immigration staff at the border crossing will keep half of this form and enter the information in the computer system . You get to keep the other part and will be asked for it, with your departure information again when leaving the country, so do not lose it.

In case your aim is to work or study in Mexico,you will need to apply for a student visa or work permit before arriving in Mexico. For this, you should contact the nearest Mexican embassy. In case of work permits, you  need to get visa sponsoring from your future employer so start looking for job options prior to your move.

As a foreigner, you must always inform INM via the use of the FMM form, when entering and exiting the country. In case you aren't a visitor ( less than 180 days in Mexico), make sure to state in a correct form your visa name and number in the FMM form when traveling. Do not exit or enter the country as a tourist if you aren't a visitor.

On the other hand, when living and working in Mexico, the good thing is that even if you are in a process of renewal of your residence and or, work permit, you can exit the country during the former. You only need a travel letter for this.


2015 - VISA NAMES:
Visitor: Visitante: FMM
Temporary  Resident: Residente Temporal
Permanent Resident: Inmigrado

2015 FEES ( in pesos)

Temporal: from tourist $ 1,124.00
1 year: $ 3,519.00
2 years: $ 5,272.00
3 years $6,678.00
4 years $ 7914.00

Permanent: Application Fee $ 1,124.00 + Card Fee $ 4,289.00
Visitor: Visitante: no work $ 332. With work permit $ 2,642
Regularization: 1,124 mxp ( plus fines).
Travel Letter ( permission to leave while a renewal is in progress) $ 360
Replacement of lost card: $ 1,083

INM Telephone: 01-800-004-6264 ( Spanish and English)
Inm.gob.mx - website of national immigration institute

* If you want to become a Mexican citizen, look for information @:
The first requirement for the former is to have lived four years as residente temporal, or hold a residente permanente visa. A spouse of a Mexican national only needs to years lived in Mexico as residente temporal to start the application.

* Babies: all babies born in Mexico get automatically the Mexican nationality.
In case that you come from a country that only allows one nationality and you want to pass it to your children, look for information and speak with your embassy prior to deciding where to register your baby upon her/his birth. In Mexico the hospital gives a paper which registers the baby but after this you need to ask for an acta de nacimiento ( important paper in Mexico), a formal paper that gives the mexican nationality.

Renting a place in D.F.

Too much work? Yes. But worth it.

Remember that feeling that surrounds you, captivates your thoughts and actions before moving abroad? There is a big list of things to do, papers that need to be organized before taking off to your new home country (for the next few years). The need to assure that work is handled in, in an orderly way. The mixed feelings, the joy of experiencing a new place, treasuring new friends and a new city while worrying about the well being of your family and successful, at least O.K.  settling in. Your folks back home. Wishing  that you and your spouse, children make quickly new friends once you arrive. What about schools and hobbies? The supermarket. Safety. Cultural differences which can be a source of joy and laughter, as well as headaches.The list seems to never end yet moving abroad is one of the most enriching life experiences one can have.