Dec 2014

Too much work? Yes. But worth it.

Remember that feeling that surrounds you, captivates your thoughts and actions before moving abroad? There is a big list of things to do, papers that need to be organized before taking off to your new home country (for the next few years). The need to assure that work is handled in, in an orderly way. The mixed feelings, the joy of experiencing a new place, treasuring new friends and a new city while worrying about the well being of your family and successful, at least O.K.  settling in. Your folks back home. Wishing  that you and your spouse, children make quickly new friends once you arrive. What about schools and hobbies? The supermarket. Safety. Cultural differences which can be a source of joy and laughter, as well as headaches.The list seems to never end yet moving abroad is one of the most enriching life experiences one can have.