To start a successful expatriate experience in a new country, we want to know who you are and what your preferences are concerning your lifestyle and living standards. Hence, we look forward to hearing of your wishes, ideas, as well as possible concerns, in order to be able to respond to your request questions concerning your move to Mexico City.


PRE-ARRIVAL VISIT PACKAGE: is designed according to your needs.
ORIENTATION TOURS: Look at different city areas, find the suitable area that matches your lifestyle.
HOME SEARCH:  Practical advice on apartment search and paper work. We will seek options for you and help you in finding the suitable option home.
TEMPORARY HOUSING: We offer temporary accommodation through our network of partners
PARTNER AND FAMILY ASSISTANCE: We offer help on school finding, a network of headhunters and volunteer work options, social networks and language, cultural training. Advice on local and international Schools, from kindergarten to universities.  
HEALTHCARE: Advice on local Medical and Health issues including hospitals, and introductions to English speaking doctors and dentists.
TRANSLATIONS: Certified translations and interpreter services through our partner network.
EXPERT SERVICES: Introductions  and help on legal, accounting, financial and tax issues.

PRESENT PACKAGE: We will build a personalised leisure weekend in Mexico City for you and your partner so that you  can enjoy your new home city and grasp the world-class cultural and gastronomic offering it has for you.
CULTURAL TRAINING: How to drive safe, where to pick a cab, how to salute someone, what are the  faux-pas and how much should one tip at the restaurant? We offer a shortcut course to life in Mexico.
TRANSPORTATION: We will inform you about the transportation options and routes in the city.
SAFETY COURSE: Upon request a course to protect your and your family’s security is offered via our expert partner on this theme.

GOODBYE MEXICO: Leave the country care free. We will help you finalize your local contracts, as well as manage the packaging and logistics.